Dr. Toscha Dickerson

Dr. Toscha Dickerson, founder and CEO of Dickerson Management & Associates, is an author, professor, and strategy coach. Her consultancy provides training and workshop services to help organizations to ensure efficiency within their procurement departments by reducing costs, improving processes, and building supplier relationships.  Dr. Dickerson also helps professional women to reduce stress, explore self-discovery, and gain clarity in goal setting so they can live an empowered life. 

 Her work has allowed her to become a member of the Houston Business Journal Leadership Trust, a prestigious community of experts across multiple industries.  Dr. Dickerson has been featured in Houston Business Journal recurring as an expert in her field of study.  She has been featured on Fox News Network and other national and local platforms. 

As a former Procurement Professional, Dr. Dickerson utilizes her expertise to improve productivity within procurement departments. Her leadership and transparency inspires and empowers women to move past their fears and live a self-sufficient life. 

You can find Dr. Dickerson providing powerful inspiration, helpful wellness tips, and sharing her personal journey on her social media platforms.